Better Water Levels on the Gunpowder River

The river is slowly dropping from 254 cfs, and is clear with a green tint to it and warming up to 46 degrees F.

The Gunpowder looks beautiful at the moment. The level has fallen to a much improved volume for both wading and fishing but is still on the high side. Early season stoneflies size 16 are coming off throughout the river and the trout will be looking up for these typically by early afternoon. Midges are hatching in thick numbers, especially upstream from Masemore road but the fish are predominantly eating the pupa subsurface, with the levels still being unseasonably high. In  the slower pools you can find some sipping midge emergers. Pheasent tail and hares ear nymphs size 14-18 are producing in the riffles now this years mayfly nymphs are starting to stir. On cloudy days and/or early morning or evenings streamers are definitely worth a shot.

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