Nymphing Clinics on the Gunpowder

Productive nymphing water

Nymphing, simply put, is not the most glamorous form of fly fishing but no one can dispute its effectiveness. At the end of the day who doesn’t like catching lots of fish regardless of season!

Join us on Saturday September the 21st to learn the different techniques of nymphing. This will go over euro nymphing (tight lining) vs indicator fishing, whilst going over various rigging approaches, fly selection, gear choice and how to fish different water types. 

Each clinic is in a group setting of no more than 3 anglers per guide, will be 3 hours long we have gear to borrow, cost is $125 per person. We will have a morning clinic from 10 – 1 and an afternoon clinic from 2:30 – 5:30. Call the shop at 410 357 9557 to pre register.

Another Clinic Scheduled for Sunday September 22nd 10-1.