Gunpowder Fly Fishing Report: Late July

A recent fly fishing school where anglers had bites on streamers, nymphs, and dries all in one morning.

With Summer in full swing the fishing in the gunpowder has been great. Flows are still low at 34 cfs with temperatures ranging in the mid to high 50s at falls road. Anglers have had lots of success fishing with small caddis, beetles, and ants. These have been particularly effective throughout the mornings while targeting the riffles. Beetles and ants will continue to be productive into the fall and anglers will have the most success along the larger rocks, trees, and brush that lay in the gunpowder. With a bright sun and low water, it is important to minimize your wading and maximize your leader length. This will minimize the number of fish you spook by keeping your presence on the water subtle.

Nymphing has been another effective method for fishing the deeper portions of the river, with most of our success coming on midge imitations. A great way to nymph this time of year is with a hopper-dropper system. Using flies like Stimulators or Chubby Chernobyls as an indicator dry with a small pheasant tail or zebra midge is an easy and effective way to trick the picky fish and get the opportunistic fish on a big dry.

If all else fails, throwing a small streamer through the deeper and faster water may convince some fish to bite. A trusty black wooly bugger has been successful on more cloudy days and similar patterns should entice an aggressive fish.