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Earthquake Tricos and Hopper Action on the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder river is flowing at 49 Cfs, is 53 F at Big Falls Rd and gin clear. The catch and release area has been fishing great. Tricos are in full swing and we’re picking up a few fish on dark Bwo’s just before the tricos. After the trikes fall, try swinging a small elk hair caddis in the riffles downstream or plan on covering overgrown and shaded banks with beetles and hoppers towards afternoon.

Thanks to Neil for his post earthquake fishing report from Friday, July 16:

The quake got me up 20 minutes early Friday here in Greenbelt, which got me to Falls Rd. with time to spare. A great morning – steady risers for 2 hours plus. Landed five, lost twice as many. The new Scott rod & Bauer reel are a dream. Thanks to Jason for the timely Trico info.

Neil Williamson

and thanks to Keith for his report from Friday, July 23:

Stopped into the shop for some tippet and flies Friday afternoon- thanks. Ended the day with a dozen to 16”. Fished York road up to Bunker Hill Rd. They kept smackin’ at that orange hopper you recommended but couldn’t seem to land them so I switched to small caddis and had a ball and picked up some nice fish later on a streamer.

Thanks- I’ll be back


In case you missed the earthquake reference, we had a real live quake in Maryland on the 16th. Check out, Earthquake in Maryland: D.C. Area Rocked, from Michael Blanpied, Earthquake Expert for USGS featured in the Washington Post.

Fly Fishing The Gunpowder In August

The Gunpowder flowing at 50 Cfs, and well below 50 degrees in the first mile. Tricos and caddis have worked well, but the trout can be very selective during the trico hatch. The shop has a variety of size 22 and 24 trico spinner and dun patterns that are fooling wary browns. Small duns described by many anglers as BWOs, PMDS or “tiny sulphurs” are emerging in the afternoons. I never grabbed one to I.D., but did manage to catch a few browns on a couple variations of BWO’s during this afternoon emergence. In the latest video I filmed the morning hatch cloud of tricos moving upriver, a caddis pattern next to the real thing, and some wild Gunpowder browns.