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Late March Gunpowder Fishing Report

The Gunpowder is running nicely at 110 cfs and warming from 45 early in the morning towards 50 degrees F.

With spring feeling like it’s here and the current requirement for ‘social distancing’ the park has been busy with people enjoying the outdoors and trout anglers are no different.

Young angler Jacob Warner has been out plenty recently:

The trout have been active and very hungry in the Gunpowder. Trout can be seen aggressively feeding on stoneflies and midges throughout slower water, with an occasional sulphur being taken. Nymphing has been an effective tactic as well, although the excessive amounts of Didymo presently in the water (particularly around Falls road and above) can make it a tedious process. 




Mid March Gunpowder Fishing Report

The Gunpowder is at 72cfs, clear and 43 degrees F swinging up to 47 F.

Little black stoneflies size 16 have been coming off and the fish are looking for them during the warmer part of the day.

Plentiful midges and the very occasional mayfly has been reported by customers including some small sulphurs! I would imagine the warm winter we’ve had can bring the hatches forward, we saw a similar thing occur in spring 2017 after a warm winter. Don’t be without some unseasonable patterns on the river just in case.

With the water being so clear and many of the fish holding in shallow water, fishing a dry dropper has been effective as you can present a nymph well without getting close enough to spook them.


Mid-Feb Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 78.4 Cfs and is 42.5 degrees F. Temperatures are swinging nicely up now from 39 degrees F in the morning so it’s fine to wait until mid afternoon to get out there. Rumblings of stoneflies are always heard this time of year but a safer bet would be to give the black flies a look up top in the catch and release section. Stop in and pick up some of Mike Bachkosky’s little Lehigh snowflies to imitate these and bring along some 7x. Bright, mild days can make streamer fishing tough so don’t feel compelled to wade all day-use the trails instead and cover the log jams quickly by drifting rather than stripping streamers. Fishing above Masemore? Small zebra midges and tungsten jigs can be effective as long as they are visually inspected every few casts. Otherwise, Didymo can accumulate on these heavy small nymphs within the first few drifts fouling them and spoiling one’s chances of hooking up.

We’ve had an equal number of folks traveling to Chile and the Bahamas this week and so have taken in a few notable used fly rods including a few bamboo Fly rods.These rods need new homes-call or stop in for details. Like new and shiny? We’ve been checking in some NRX+ rods in 9 foot 5 weight and 9 foot 10 weight from G. Loomis, all new leader and tippet from Scientific Anglers, and Tacky fly boxes from Fishpond. Stop in and give our Winter clothing sale a look-It’s all 35% off until they are gone…

Superbowl Weekend Fishing Report on the Gunpowder

The river is at 90cfs and water temps around 40 degrees F, very clear.

With water temperatures dropping under 40 on colder nights, the fishing has usually been slow. That said, river levels are ideal and with mild winter temperatures, more little black stoneflies should be coming off getting the trouts attention. Fishing a small pheasent tail, prince or frenchie nymph (16-22) close to the bottom will catch fish most consistently. Didymo is starting to really take hold on the rocks above Falls road up to the dam; setting up a drop shot rig is a good way to get around the snot getting all over your flies.


New Year Fishing on the Gunpowder


End of the year and new year temperatures are making for some great days on the river.  Early stoneflies are moving about attracting the attention of the wild brown residents.  I was lucky enough to get out at the end of 2019 and land a brook trout on the Gunpowder which is a true gem.

Much of the wild browns have been cooperating providing some action on nymphs and on top.  Throwing some dry stones will be productive, but wait until you see some surface activity.  Nymphing will still be more productive to those that stick with it.

Stop by the shop to check out the latest offerings that will bring trout to the net and make for a good day on the water.

Good Flows on the Gunpowder For Christmas!

The holidays are getting into full swing and with many folks enjoying family or doing last minute shopping, now is a great time to find some water to yourself!  If you’re among the last minute shoppers, please note that the shop will be operating under normal hours this week, with Monday (12/23) being our last day open before Christmas.

Now onto the fishing! Water levels on the Gunpowder have been consistently favorable with great clarity.  The river is currently flowing around 80 CFS, however water temps are only hanging around the mid 40s.  This means that nymphing will be the most productive technique if you’re making your way onto the water!  Until the flows drop below 50 CFS, 5x tippet will suffice in most nymphing situations.  Tandem rigs of a heavy copper john or caddis pupa imitation paired with a small (size 18-22) zebra midge or pheasant tail nymph have been very productive recently.

For those hoping to get out and throw streamers, keep in mind that the fish are cold and not very interested in moving for a meal!  A favorite technique here at the shop is to dead drift a heavily weighted zonker.  When the water is cold this can be the best way to connect with some of the gunpowder’s larger fish who are replenishing their fat reserves after the spawn.

As always, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for fish sipping midges in the slower runs and tail-outs of pools.  This is especially true around the Masemore and Bunker Hill access points.  As winter progresses also keep an eye out for stoneflies, which can sometimes be spotted skittering across the waters surface on a sunny winter day!  These can be easily imitated by a small black caddis pattern and can draw explosive rises from ambitious trout!

The River’s Up & We’re Open

The river’s up to 229 cfs at Falls road after overnight rain. This, along with the dark dreary weather, presents an ideal situation for those wanting to fish streamers. Thanks to Jim for the photo of the colored up fish caught recently doing just that.

We’re open normal weekday hours both today & tomorrow for Christmas hours.



December Gunpowder Fishing Report

With recent seasonal temperatures, the water has cooled a bit to the mid 40’s while remaining around 50 cfs. When hiking along the river, trout can be seen hanging around their redds during ongoing spawning rituals.

While throwing streamers will move a few fish, success will be come to those fishing nymphs and soft hackles along some of the faster sections.  There have been some active hatches in the afternoons which will fool a few trout. Make your approach slow and deliberate due to the clear conditions and your pursuits will payoff.  Small midges and BWO patterns like the phunny emergers will draw some strikes.

With the recent rain activity in the region, expect levels to rise slightly and give the water a bit of color making it easier to sneak up on wary trout, but please give the trout on the redds a break and leave them be, you’ll be glad you did.

Holiday Hours: We are going to be open next Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th. 

Turkey & Trout Fishing in Maryland!

The river is at 62 cfs and stable, as Prettyboy dam is full & spilling, water temps hang around 50 degrees F and the river is gin clear.

The only time you’ll likely see bug activity, & by that i mean midges with a few olives, is by noon til 4 in the catch and release section. Otherwise fishing has been decent for those nymphing or streamer fishing.

Fish are on redds, please limit your wading, refrain from tail outs whilst next years trout grow. The fish thank you!

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